"Teaching is vibrant, engaging and tailored to meet children's individual needs." Ofsted

Sessions start at St Peter's Pre-School with circle time, helping children develop good listening and communication skills. We discuss the weather, share news, and talk about activities the children would like to do. Twice daily we have smaller group times, appropriate to their developmental stage, this covers phase one language and literacy activities, such as Silly Soup. We also tell stories, rhymes and sing songs with props and instruments.

Children select their own activity during the session, choosing from equipment on display, or selecting an activity from our picture cards. Craft and writing materials are always available for the children, for when they are feeling creative.

We have a quiet room used for small group learning and play. It is also used for school preparation and board games. In our audio corner, children listen to CD story books, and take part in sound lotto games. The children also have access to our Ipad and laptop, and work towards basic ICT skills. We are always on the look out for new opportunities for the children to be active, developing their co-ordination, control and movement. In the past, we have had Yogabugs and The Shimmi Shake School of Dance come to visit us to run yoga and dance sessions, which the children loved. Currently, Totstars are with us providing fun activities to promote the childrens' sports skills and techniques.

"Children develop very positive values and attitudes towards each other. They are kind to each other, and help each other with difficult tasks."

Children are encouraged to be independent. From hand washing, finding and putting on their coats, to cleaning up after an activity. We have an open snack bar for most of the session and as part of the children's life skills development, they choose from a selection of fruit or vegetables, and are encouraged to pour out their own cup of milk or water.  Whatever the weather at St Peters, we are passionate about getting the children outside. It is used as an outside classroom, complementing our EYFS curriculum, and for planned physical activities. We have some excellent outside play equipment and a raised vegetable bed for the children to sow, grow and eat their own. Every year we incubate and hatch duck or chicken eggs, which the children help to feed and care for, they love to watch them develop and grow. They also learn about the different life cycles of animals such as butterflies, frogs and stick insects.

"Highly qualified staff provide children with an extensive range of learning opportunities."

Our staff are qualified, experienced and friendly. We are all first aid trained and regularly attend refresh courses to add to our experience.  Each child is allocated a key person, who will support them while settling in. The key person will also observe, record and liaise with parents as necessary, and twice a year prepare a developmental profile plan to share with parents. They will also write a school leavers report for the child's future primary school. Each child's record is given to the parent at the end of their time at St Peter's Pre-School and it's a lovely record of their time here for them to look back on.